More top tips

powerpointdoesn't kill

“Keep your colour scheme simple and optimise the contrast between your text and the background of the slide”

“Check how your colour scheme looks through a projector – it may look very different from what you see on your computer screen”

“Your main message should be the most dynamic, interesting and exciting thing that you can truthfully say about your research”

“Don’t end your talk with an acknowledgements or references slide – Your main message should be the last thing you say and the last thing that the audience see”

“Too nervous to look people in the eye? Create the illusion of eye contact by looking just above the heads of your audience”


What not to do….

“Don’t turn your back to the audience when you are explaining information on your slides”

“Don’t overload your slides with too much text – the audience will get overwhelmed, read and generally stop listening to anything that you have to say”

“Don’t make your text too small – the audience need to be able to read it… from a distance…”

“Ease and effortlessness is a presentation comes from practice”

“Avoid abbreviations and acronyms like the plague… the audience can’t check back the same way that you can in an article or book”

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