Comments from students after teaching them the principles of good science communication

Scientists can give great oral presentations!

“ I think you have cured me of my nerves ”

“ I think the best thing I’ve learned is just to have a simple key message to open a presentation. I think my talks will be much more focused in the future”

“ I found oral presentations very intimidating and now they are not nearly as bad ”

”I feel more confident in my ability to structure a presentation and provide a strong key message ”

“ I now know what to include in terms of a strong key message, information and conclusion and how to use a powerpoint effectively in my presentations”

“I have gone from being a nervous wreck to being like… yes I can actually do this”

“Even though English is my second language, I am now confident that I can give a good presentation”

“I can’t watch lectures or seminars now without critiquing their talk and slides – I wish I could share these guidelines with everyone I meet”

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The guidelines that we teach to help YOU to create good oral presentations are applicable to all scientists - irrespective of whether English is your first, second or even fourth language! They give you the foundation of good presentation skills and the natural process of positive feedback from your peers will boost your confidence and help you to fulfill your potential, both as a scientist and public speaker