Poster presentations

creating effective conference poster presentations

Poster presentations: Your audience is not captive… you have to give them a reason to stay.

As with our oral presentations, we offer personalized feedback on your poster at any stage of development or can create and develop the poster for you from scratch.

If you are interested in getting help with the development of your next conference poster please contact us for an obligation free quote. I can help you create a poster like the one below that avoids all the common issues associated with conference posters.

A good example of what a conference poster *should* look like

  • The main points (i.e. background, aims, main result and conclusions can be read from a distance)
  • On closer inspection, the poster provides evidence to support the main points
  • Simple, contrasting colour scheme that is legible from a distance
  • Designed to entice the reader to come and talk to you…  which is the point of a conference poster!!

Good conference poster


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What if the files are too big to email?

videoA video of your talk or powerpoint slides that contain a large number of images or video are often too big to send by email. No problem - you can send us your files through the file sharing service,, and it won't cost you a cent! ,