Our workshops are very interactive and combine informative lectures with group and individual activities. I like participants to bring a draft presentation or a presentation from a previous conference so that they can apply what they learn in the workshop directly to their own work. I offer one day workshops that introduce the basic principles behind creating and delivering great scientific presentations or three day ‘coaching’ workshops that allow students to modify their presentations based on the feedback that they receive in class. I have extensive experience of teaching presentation skills to both native speakers of English and those with English as a second language and can tailor the level and delivery of the workshop accordingly.

I will tailor the workshop to your specific requirements but some of the topics that we cover are listed below:

  • Identifying your main messageTraining in presentation skills for scientists
  • Tailoring your talk to your audience
  • How to make great powerpoint slides and use them to support your presentation
  • How to explain complex concepts
  • Creating and using diagrams, tables and charts effectively
  • Delivery – the importance of clarity, expression and enthusiasm


Please contact us for a quote to hold a workshop at your institution